The Future Workplace: why purpose is critical

The topic of our October executive brief is about helping organizations (and individuals) gain (or re-gain) clear focus as to “Why” it is that they exist and defining their purpose.  Our guest speaker, Vera Asanin, CEO of Your Workplace Magazine will speak to us about how most organizations are good at explaining what they dGaining forcus and purpose in the workplaceo, and even how they do it yet often struggle to clearly define their purpose. However, the most innovative and successful organizations “start with why.” They are able to clearly articulate the purpose behind their products and services and can inspire customers to action, with exceptional results.

In her article titled “The true purpose of your work” Vera explores the merits of an organization being able to define its why and how this creates purpose for all involved (the individual, clients, suppliers, etc).  Click here to read the full article

They Future Workplace: why purpose is critical.



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